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The Elegance of The Hedgehog

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    Rosie Arasa

a book by Muriel Barbery

Can one find books that just make so much sense yet they seem to drive you to understand more about yourself and feel a plethora of emotions after reading that book that you just want to re-read it but you start to lack the energy to go through the trauma of the impossible outcome of events that you just did not see coming! Or to say simply, I REALLY REALLY LOVED the book.

I have a special place in my heart for The Elegance of the Hegdghog by Muriel Barbery and its one of those books that made me identify with a fact I have always known to be true. That all books are perfect you just have to read them at the precisely right period of moments.

Muriel’s Paloma and Renee made me cry, laugh, gasp and sometimes disagree with. I was taken through the idiosyncrasies of the invisible who seem to have a better grasp of reality albeit not the perfect rosy colored one but the naked and bare reality and acceptance of the fateful design of the cruel world that exists for both the ones sitting highest on the pedestal of life and the low feeders. The greatest parts of the book were the humor with which Renee studied those around her and how much she looked down upon them even though on the outside she seemed like one who should have more misery than judgement on her employers.

Paloma, Strong character, dangerously witty and very observant has very definite takes on a lot of topics and a deep appreciation for Japanese culture which really became a curious character study and learn from. Philosophy and Literature were exalted and written about with so much grace that the effect on my personality was a serious study and deep dive on the stack of books on philosophy that I have collecting dust on my desk.

There is nothing not to appreciate about the book, metaphors, literature, characters, philosophy and even the tragic end was well thought through. I think if you can bear a lot of digression which sounds a lot like invasive thoughts in the minds of the characters you will be pleased with the book. Your life might even be changed!