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Ode to my Kindle

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    Rosie Arasa

I tend to read often. I am not a book hoarder but given the financial means and the convenience, there is a chance I can become one. I know I love starting to read new books and I love to finish books but there is a special place in my heart for collecting books. Why do I read? I enjoy it. I have better dreams when I read and I love to spend time in my head imagining things and creating scenes while passing time. I WANT TO KNOW everything there is to know in the world so I can call myself an Autodictat at some point. Literature has better mentors, philosophy trumps religion and science fiction is the best version of reality. What more could I ask for?

My kindle is reliable. If i doze off while reading I trust that the next day I will still be on the page I NEED TO BE AT. I can read multiple books at the same time without the hustle of carrying the 10 books I can barely finish around. It is waterproof and furthermore discrete. Say I want to read a certain weird romance book with a steamy cover that I am too embarrassed to be seen with in public! Kidding, I have never read a romance book since 8th grade.

To read better, often and anywhere I appreciate and highly value the convenience I have with my Kindle. There is no better device and there is not a single night the last book I am reading will be a paper copy because there is a change the lights are out and the room is dark. The indulgence in reading on my Kindle even on a blackout in Blackout Nation (where KPLC exists) is even more thrilling.